Hello! I'm Martin and since I remember I always do something not ordinary with computers. Now I do a lot of remote administration of UNIX like machines, penetration tests and I break things for fun and money. You may know me also as argo, argonauta, MonteChristo, nookie, kingsize, JohnCage and many other names.

I'm a big robotics fun.

Process of creation is part of robotics. I got few big projects on the run, more waiting for their time I will write separate blog for tutorials and documentation.Already have build for customers and myself some big IoT projects from secure custom home automation to flying quad-copters(my build and my code).

I am a pentester.

I do white-hat penetration tests [not full-auto] with full documentation of situation and clear solutions.

I am a GNU/Linux administrator.

Since I was 11 years old I use Slackware GNU/Linux as my everyday use computer.I spend my time installing configuring and testing 'almost all' GNU/Linux software,services and daemon's.

I'm a programmer.

I love to solve problems, improve things. Python is most often used by me right now (it's great almost for everything!)but I know also: C++, Bash, PHP, SQL(MySql and Microsoft SQL server - certified), Arduino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

I'm a cryptocurrency advisor.

I'm miner, trader, user and developer in cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency based on blockchain IMHO will dominate our future. I can help to adopt blockchain for everyday use. Could build blockchain apps or build new cryptocurrency with own (private or public) blockchain.

What I do

Always looking for new challenges and mind-blowing projects.



Penetration tests


IT advisor


GNU/Linux system administration


Blockchain apps


Cryptocurrency advisor.


Get in touch

If You got some new project that i can fit in, world changing idea for blockchain use or just You need to have some 'computer job' done right - contact me using form above or email me just like that.